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We believe in creating within our clients a deep understanding of foods and how those foods either move us closer to, or further from our individual goals.

About Us

Our team consists of real people, just like you, who have had their lives changed positively from Nutrition & Exercise and are passionate about helping you accomplish that change as well! We use real-world strategies, unique to you, but backed by science and research, experience, and furthered education.



1:1 Coaching

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A Certified E3 Nutrition Coach will meet you at the Grocery Store of your choosing and help you Grocery Shop! Benefits of this service include: efficient store routes, simple swap ingredient ideas, recipe options, quick meal options, how to see food differently on the shelf, cost saving tips, nutrition label education, general food education, and much more!

*Within 20 mile radius of 31210


A Certified E3 Nutrition Coach will come to your house and help you organize your pantry, fridge, and freezer! Benefits of this service include: macronutrient organization, simple swap ideas, efficient meal prepping tips/tricks, recommendations on what to keep/throw away. and much more!


*Family Member of Same-Sex must be home during entire visit; Within 20 mile radius of 31210


If you are hesitant to commit to an entire three months of 1:1 coaching, but could really use 30-60m of targeted Nutrition Consulting, this call is for you! This consultation occurs at a deeper level than our Initial Assessment Questionnaire follow-up. Here, we address health questions and concerns you may have regarding diet and exercise. The purpose of this call is to provide a high level education on calories, macronutrients and micronutrients, tips/tricks/hacks on your diet, overall suggestions moving forward, & much MORE!

Meal Prep

Struggling to decide what to eat? This call is for you! Not only will a Certified E3 Nutrition Coach talk you through HOW to eat, but they will help you select the actual foods to log, grocery shop for, and prepare. This process is done through considering your likes/dislikes, what you're willing to cook/prepare/find, your budget, and how these foods will affect your performance and day-to-day life. This call could be done once, or repeated as often as you see fit. This call is great to pair with the Grocery Shopping package!


E3 Nutrition

A Certified E3 Nutrition Coach (individual or team) will come to your business, school, team practice, etc and provide a General, "Nutrition 101" presentation to you! This presentation can be anywhere from 15-45m (up to you), followed by a Question & Answer session. Included in this package is a copy of our eBook, access to our Custom Macronutrient Calculator, and a monthly follow-up Coaching Call with the Team Lead to discuss team progress, issues, and goals. Additionally, each person on your team (MAX 100) will receive a special 10% discount towards E3 Nutrition Plans/Packages in the future.

*Within a 30 mile radius of 31210

Access to: FB Community Group + all E3 Events, (1) community call per month, 10% off all MERCH, 10% of all E3 Plans, 10% commission on anyone who uses your discount code when signing up + other benefits!

*6 Month Minimum

Still Unsure?
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