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Personal Training Initial Assessment Form

Please fill out the following form to submit your initial assessment. 

How did you hear about E3 Nutrition & Personal Training?
How often do you currently exercise? (Be conservative with this question)
What type of training/exercise are you currently doing? (Select all that apply)
How many days/week can you consistently commit to training?
What are your end goals with this program? (Select all that apply)
Are there any very specific goals you'd like to reach within the answer(s) given above?
What type(s) of gym equipment do you have full access to?
Are you also interested in 1:1 Nutrition Coaching from E3?
Is there a specific E3 Nutrition Coach you want to work with?
What's currently preventing you from hitting your nutritional goals? (Select all that apply)
How often do you eat out? (Over-exaggerate this question)
How would you describe your current diet?
How familiar are you with weighing and/or measuring your food/drinks?
How familiar are you with identifying food(s) as a carbohydrate, fat, or protein?
Describe your experience with using macronutrients as allowances for food intake. (Commonly called "Counting Macros")

Thanks for submitting!

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