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Core Fitness


“It's different than other programs I've done in the past because it's not a diet, diets are temporary, this is a lifestyle change, a mindset. Three years ago I was struggling with alcohol addiction. My health was a mess, and I weighed in at around 260 lbs. I made the decision to get sober and seek help. Getting sober saved my life, E3 increased the quality of my life. Change is possible, you just have to be ready to make that change. When you are ready, E3 will be there!”

"It was awesome learning how the body uses the different macros. Gaining that education makes a sustainable, healthy lifestyle much easier to manage. The increase in performance in the gym was significant. I went from 201 lbs. to 181 lbs.

in 4 months with an increase in strength and cardiovascular capacity. I'm extremely happy with E3's program! I would highly recommend to anyone!"

"I really thought in all the years that I have been studying nutrition and programs that I knew what I was doing. When I joined E3, I thought I was going to get the same - lose a couple of pounds & not much change to be proud of.

I followed the process as close as I could and was amazed by the results!

I only lost 7 pounds but I lost 17 inches. The scale can be so misleading! I have seen more lean muscle than ever before. I had to make changes in all my clothes because of the success I saw with the program. I have been so happy with the results! The coaches and everyone on the team are such motivators."

"This three months has been eye-opening. I can't wait to see what the next three will bring!

I haven't been at this weight in 20 years and I feel 20 years younger! Lots of gratitude to my coaches, Eli and Tosin. I learned so much from E3 by being accountable to the process."

“Using the E3 nutrition plan, I was able to lose 18 pounds during the three month program while building muscle and cutting fat, resulting in a leaner body that I feel more comfortable in.. I really loved the recipes & tips that got shared by the coaches & other people in my session."

"I have always been a very active person and fluctuated with my weight. As I got older, it was harder to get off no matter what I did. My daughter was seeing amazing results with E3 Nutrition so I decided to try it with her. I will admit that I was very skeptical because I had not seen success in anything I tried before. It was just something to do with my daughter at first, but even in the first week I could already see changes. It was very encouraging so I kept going to see what would happen. This program made me look at things differently and encouraged me to keep going. The lessons I have learned from my coach and the group I got to work with were amazing. I am 75 years old but feel like I am only 50 now that I have the weight off. I have lost 12 lbs & 28 inches in the 3

short months I have been on the program and plan to keep going!"

"I always knew I had an unhealthy relationship with food, so I shared it with a good friend who I knew would hold me accountable. As my mind got stronger, I started CrossFit. A few friends were talking about starting E3 Nutrition. I knew right away E3 would help me tremendously. Eli not only taught me how protein, fats & carbs help my body, he also taught me a lifestyle - one that I can sustain forever. I am at a place that I haven’t been in 14 years. I feel better than I have felt in years & I'm not done yet. I'm excited to continue the consistency I have learned through E3 and CrossFit. I will forever be thankful for E3 and Eli and how he teaches and takes care of his clients. Looking back now I see how God laid it all out in His perfect timing."

"E3 nutrition’s plan is one that’s so easy to follow. They educate you on Macros (fats, carbs, & protein) and teach you which foods fall into what category. You have a coach from the beginning who helps you slowly make better food choices and is also there to encourage, support and push you to be better every single day. My coach was Brooke and she went above a beyond for me to understand how to make a plan and prep my meals ahead of time. She sent me recipes and also helped me find a healthier way to eat the foods I love. If you put the work into this program you will get results. I have so much more energy now and I feel great!"

"In January, my starting weight was 144. In March, I decided to start E3 Nutrition for three months which helped me in learning nutrition & tracking my macros better, while also continuing to workout almost every morning during the week. I’ve always worked out, but after having my child, I wanted to start getting more serious and focus on taking better care of my body. Today, I’m weighing at 130 and feeling happier with myself, energy levels are higher and lost 3 inches in my waist - all with learning to track the macronutrients I eat (still can eat what I want in moderation) and continuing to workout."I haven't been at this weight in 20 years and I feel 20 years younger! Lots of gratitude to my coaches, Eli and Tosin. I learned so much from E3 by being accountable to the process."

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