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Breakfast Options

Packed with energy to start your day!

Healthy Start Bagel (268 Calories)

Whole Wheat bagel with Turkey, Spinach, and Egg Whites

C 33g, F 2g, P 27g



Overnight Oats (305 Calories)

Whole Grain Oats, Soaked Almond Milk and various Toppings


Greek Freak Parfait (339 Calories)

Greek Yogurt, Mixes Berries, Topped with Oats and Nuts

C 32g, F 5g, P 16g


Quinoa Breakfast Bowl (278 calories)

Quinoa, Spinach, Turkey Sausage, Peppers & Onions

C 23g, F 11g, P 28g


Turkey Sausage Breakfast Wrap (406 Calories)

Egg Whites, Sausage, Spinach and Potatoes with Bell Peppers

C 33g, F 15g, P 36g


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